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Green Waste

Holiday Recycling

Click here for Christmas tree recycling and holiday recycling tips.

Residents can recycle Christmas trees by placing them inside your green waste cart on your regular collection day from December 26, 2020, through January 8, 2021. Trees over four feet should be cut in half for collection.

Waste Recycling

Use a standard, 32-gallon capacity, rigid waste can to separate recyclable landscape waste and other organic materials for collection. Place yard waste debris directly into a customer-provided, rigid waste can. Bulky yard debris, such as tree branches or brush, may also be tied securely into bundles with twine and set out next to cans. Bundles should not exceed 4’ x 18” in dimension.

Please do not use bags, as they are not compostable, or customer-provided waste cans that come with attached wheels and/or attached lids as they are not acceptable for manual collection.

Green waste - clipping and trimmings

Recyclable Green Waste Includes
  • grass clippings
  • brush
  • weeds
  • hedge trimmings
  • branches
  • leaves
  • floral decorations
  • Christmas trees

Please place organic waste directly into your designated green waste collection container.

Please do not place any of the following materials in your designated green waste recycling container:

  • No kitchen scraps, fruit, trash or hazardous waste.
  • No animal waste.
  • No dirt, rocks, asphalt, concrete, sand, etc.
  • No treated or lead-based painted wood or lumber.

Please do not use waste cans that come with attached wheels and/or attached lids.

Leaves Pine ConesYard waste not suitable for trash cans or bags, such as tree branches, must be securely tied in bundles no longer than four feet in length, no wider than 18 inches in diameter, and no heavier than 25 lbs.

What Happens to Green Waste?

Green waste is used in a variety of diversion programs, including but not limited to land application and composting.

Backyard Composting & Grasscycling…Nature’s Way to Recycle
EDCO promotes recycling…Naturally! And what could be more natural than to recycle yard waste in a backyard composting bin or reduce waste by “grasscycling” lawn trimmings?

Items to compostComposting is the natural decomposition of organic material into a soil product. Homeowners who compost their own yard waste (hedge trimmings, flowers, grass, leaves, etc.) and certain kitchen scraps such as fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds and egg shells, can produce their own soil amendment or mulch for use in their yard or garden. Compost-amended soil provides a more nurturing medium for plants, therefore, creating healthier landscaping that will be more resistant to disease and infestation.

Man mowing grass

Grasscycling is simply the practice of leaving grass clippings on the lawn after mowing. Grass clippings decompose quickly and return valuable nutrients, such as nitrogen, back into the soil. For best results, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Mow your lawn when the grass is dry.
  • Keep the blade of your lawn mower sharp.
  • Follow the “1/3 Rule:” cut your lawn frequently enough so that not more than 1/3 of the grass blade length is trimmed each time you mow.

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